Planning Homeschool Co-op Classes

Latest post to my Homeschool Co-ops blog: Planning Homeschool Co-op Classes

Crazy8 Homeschool Co-ops

We had a wonderful fall series of Homeschool Co-ops. Our classes were:

  • the Human Body
  • Choir
  • Career Preparedness

Our upcoming winter classes are:

  • Exploring Weather
  • Drama Club
  • Dissection 101

For the month of December I am supposed to be taking a break from co-op classes.

BUT I am in planning mode for upcoming classes. So, I thought I would share how I plan for my co-op classes. As I have said before I teach all of these classes. Guess that would make me a first born, type A personality. Anyway, here goes.


How I Plan for Co-op Classes

At the beginning of August I planned out all the 3 sessions of classes that we would be having, a total of 9 classes. When I learned that people were interested in what I was offering I began making the syllabus’s for each class. In each syllabus I listed what the topics for every week would…

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Week in Review & Life Happens in 3’s

Did you ever notice that life happens in 3’s? Never the good things..

Crazy 8 Homeschool

WOW! That is the only way to describe this past week+

I will let the list speak for itself.

What we did do this week:

  • Did a Homeschool Q&A at the library: No co-op classes this week – I took the month off
  • Horse drawn carriage rides through town
  • Workbook work
  • Easy Peasy Online School
  • Made gingerbread houses
  • Orthodontist appointment
  • Math drills
  • Children entered their movie in a contest
  • Director: filming and editing at local TV station
  • Ice Skating at a friends house & stayed for chilli 🙂
  • Got over a foot of snow and the kids played out everyday
  • Went to the theatre and watched: It’s A Wonderful Life
  • Saw a model trains exhibit
  • Bid on wreaths at the wreath festival
  • Finished all my Christmas shopping
  • Church
  • #1 Well Pump broke
  • #2 Stove broke
  • #3 Car broke

Life Happens in 3’s

Now I am definitely not s superstitious person. I am…

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Grandchildren and Birthdays

Lots of pictures in this Raising Kids post 🙂

Crazy8 Raising Kids

This is a post for the AWESOME Great-Great Grandmother of my wonderful grandchildren who is the amazing Great Grandmother to my children. This post is just full of pictures from Princesses 5th birthday party. LOTS and LOTS of pictures!!

Here you go Grandma Fred 🙂

IMG_1249 One of my favorites. Johnny (her best friend), Princess, and Isaac (her cousin)

IMG_1143 The cake & cupcakes

IMG_1146 Ev’s

IMG_1151 In order: Artist, Gallop, Auntie Emily, and Angie (Ry & Ev’s mom)

IMG_1153 My oldest about to shoot.

IMG_1154 The newlyweds who are due in May

IMG_1161 Drill sergeant Princess. Actually she was a Fairy Princess this day.

IMG_1162 Let’s start. She was giving them directions for playing a game she created call, “Catch the Cat” which they all had a great time playing.

IMG_1164 Ry pushing a car around.

IMG_1176 Fairy Princess biking

IMG_1172 Collector playing B-ball

IMG_1169 In order: Pilot, Artist, and their good friend Clark

IMG_1190 Cousin Isaac

IMG_1192 Fairy Princess again.. It was her party 🙂

IMG_1194 Smiling at Clark

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Pros and Cons of Rural Living

Latest post on my Small Farming Blog…

Crazy8 Small Farming


Now, this is my list and I am sure others will disagree with me but here goes..

Pros of Rural Living:

  • We get to have all the animals that we had only seen on visits to petting zoos. We now have chickens, ducks, and cats. We have had a horse, pigs, turkeys, geese, rabbits, a goat for a week, sheep, and dogs. It has been wonderful for the children. The first time I saw my little girls sitting with the chickens and talking with them it just melted my heart.
  • We are able to plant fruit trees and eat our own home grown fruit.

Apple picking on our small farm.

  • Raising our own animals for food. It has been a real learning experience but yummy also. The first year we raised meat birds it ended up costing us about $4.50 total for a 5.5lb bird. These also tasted delicious and was an interesting…

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Editing Ugh…

Latest post to my Writing Blog..

Crazy8 Writing


I totally hate the editing process. Well, not sure if that is the correct word. I love ready through the book I wrote, so as part of the editing process, I like that part. I just hate cutting and adding to my book after I have that feeling of completion of the novel.

When I wrote my last novel my brother gave me some great advice, “Put it away and don’t look at it for 2 months.” This was wonderful advice. I had gotten over the ‘honeymoon’ stage of loving my book and could now read it objectively. But I still hated having to edit it…

While reading through it I found that the same part I thought was boring when writing it was still boring when reading through it this time. Ugh… fixing that section was not going to be fun.

I knew I needed the information contained in that chapter to…

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Breastfeeding for Even 1 Day: Part 1

Latest post to my Breastfeeding Blog

Crazy8 on Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding your baby for even a day is an amazing gift that you can give to your baby!

1. When you nurse your baby for even just a couple days…

When you nurse your baby for even just a couple days he will be taking in your colostrum. Colostrum gives your baby antibodies to help fight infection. It is his first immunization. Breastfeeding also helps your body recover after giving birth. Your body is made to breastfeed your baby. Your body and your baby knows this.

This colostrum is like a golden miraculous natural vaccine. Info about colostrum from La Leche League International:

Your breasts produce colostrum beginning during pregnancy and continuing through the early days of breastfeeding. This special milk is yellow to orange in color and thick and sticky. It is low in fat, and high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies to help keep your baby healthy. Colostrum is extremely easy to digest…

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Sewn Advent Calendars – Finished

Here is the latest post to my Sewing Blog.
Sewn Advent Calendars

Crazy8 Sews


This is PART 2 of this sewing project.

For PART 1 see my Advent Calendar post.

SO I did finish these in time to give them to my grandchildren and married daughter before December 1st. But just barely 🙂 We went and visited the grandkids that are out of state and in state the last weekend in November and delivered all of them.

Here is what I did to finish them up…


I had to wait to go to my moms to get the batting I used for these quilted Advent Calendars. She had the largest roll of batting I had ever seen in my life.
I cut the batting to the same size as the advent calendar backing pieces. Then placed the batting on the bottom, the front backing on top with the wrong side facing the batting, and the backing piece with the right side facing the front backing piece. As you can see above.



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