Pros and Cons of Rural Living

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Now, this is my list and I am sure others will disagree with me but here goes..

Pros of Rural Living:

  • We get to have all the animals that we had only seen on visits to petting zoos. We now have chickens, ducks, and cats. We have had a horse, pigs, turkeys, geese, rabbits, a goat for a week, sheep, and dogs. It has been wonderful for the children. The first time I saw my little girls sitting with the chickens and talking with them it just melted my heart.
  • We are able to plant fruit trees and eat our own home grown fruit.

Apple picking on our small farm.

  • Raising our own animals for food. It has been a real learning experience but yummy also. The first year we raised meat birds it ended up costing us about $4.50 total for a 5.5lb bird. These also tasted delicious and was an interesting…

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