Sewn Advent Calendars – Finished

Here is the latest post to my Sewing Blog.
Sewn Advent Calendars

Crazy8 Sews


This is PART 2 of this sewing project.

For PART 1 see my Advent Calendar post.

SO I did finish these in time to give them to my grandchildren and married daughter before December 1st. But just barely 🙂 We went and visited the grandkids that are out of state and in state the last weekend in November and delivered all of them.

Here is what I did to finish them up…


I had to wait to go to my moms to get the batting I used for these quilted Advent Calendars. She had the largest roll of batting I had ever seen in my life.
I cut the batting to the same size as the advent calendar backing pieces. Then placed the batting on the bottom, the front backing on top with the wrong side facing the batting, and the backing piece with the right side facing the front backing piece. As you can see above.



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