Grandchildren and Birthdays

Lots of pictures in this Raising Kids post 🙂

Crazy8 Raising Kids

This is a post for the AWESOME Great-Great Grandmother of my wonderful grandchildren who is the amazing Great Grandmother to my children. This post is just full of pictures from Princesses 5th birthday party. LOTS and LOTS of pictures!!

Here you go Grandma Fred 🙂

IMG_1249 One of my favorites. Johnny (her best friend), Princess, and Isaac (her cousin)

IMG_1143 The cake & cupcakes

IMG_1146 Ev’s

IMG_1151 In order: Artist, Gallop, Auntie Emily, and Angie (Ry & Ev’s mom)

IMG_1153 My oldest about to shoot.

IMG_1154 The newlyweds who are due in May

IMG_1161 Drill sergeant Princess. Actually she was a Fairy Princess this day.

IMG_1162 Let’s start. She was giving them directions for playing a game she created call, “Catch the Cat” which they all had a great time playing.

IMG_1164 Ry pushing a car around.

IMG_1176 Fairy Princess biking

IMG_1172 Collector playing B-ball

IMG_1169 In order: Pilot, Artist, and their good friend Clark

IMG_1190 Cousin Isaac

IMG_1192 Fairy Princess again.. It was her party 🙂

IMG_1194 Smiling at Clark

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