Planning Homeschool Co-op Classes

Latest post to my Homeschool Co-ops blog: Planning Homeschool Co-op Classes

Crazy8 Homeschool Co-ops

We had a wonderful fall series of Homeschool Co-ops. Our classes were:

  • the Human Body
  • Choir
  • Career Preparedness

Our upcoming winter classes are:

  • Exploring Weather
  • Drama Club
  • Dissection 101

For the month of December I am supposed to be taking a break from co-op classes.

BUT I am in planning mode for upcoming classes. So, I thought I would share how I plan for my co-op classes. As I have said before I teach all of these classes. Guess that would make me a first born, type A personality. Anyway, here goes.


How I Plan for Co-op Classes

At the beginning of August I planned out all the 3 sessions of classes that we would be having, a total of 9 classes. When I learned that people were interested in what I was offering I began making the syllabus’s for each class. In each syllabus I listed what the topics for every week would…

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