New Cleaning System: Wal-Mart Style

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Crazy8 Gets Organized

Our house is quite large which is good since there are still 6 kids at home. BUT keeping it clean has been a chore (like the pun?) Anyway, the other morning while still in bed I had this awesome idea, “What if we cleaned our house using cleaning check off sheets like the ones hanging on the door in the bathroom at Wal-Mart?” It works for them, most of the time, why not for us?

I planned out what the sheet would look like in my head and then ran the idea by my husband. He thought is was strange but might work. It was strange.

Here is the entire idea.

The sheet includes:

  • the rooms that needed to be cleaned down the left column
  • the days of the month across the top row
  • a separate area of boxes with the children’s names to be checked off
  • the current month listed…

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