I Love Cemeteries

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I Love Cemeteries

Recently I was able to take time and visit the gravesites of some of my relatives. My mom came with me. It was a beautiful day and we only had to call my grandmother once to ask her how to find a headstone.

Here is the headstone we were searching for… (I have blotted out the last name for privacy)


I have always loved cemeteries. As a young child my grandmother would take me with her on her regular “neatings” of the headstones. She had this special container she brought that contained: a watering can, trowel, tiny rake, gardening gloves, and grocery bags for trash. On special occasion she also brought flowers to plant or greenery to add.

I believe spending time with my grandmother in the cemeteries when I was young is the reason I enjoy them so much now.

Another beautiful stone.. Love the… View the rest of this post

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