Newest Grandchild – Ezra Josiah – Has Arrived

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Our newest grandchild and FIRST GRANDSON has arrived!!

April 25th at 4:15am Ezra Josiah was born.

Stats: 7 lbs 4.8 ozs and 20.5 in long. He was 2 weeks early.

Now for some pictures…

11156274_10153804358173626_7495458246383184688_n Momma, Daddy, and Ezra

11149816_623475994460519_58477332839646528_o 11149816_623475994460519_58477332839646528_o 11194465_623475997793852_6739536273683118186_o 11169747_623476051127180_6668123851795434814_o  10983148_623476047793847_4175491088963796115_o  1496421_623476034460515_2634595235356758157_o  18492_10153804358263626_2243894293407646820_n 11187248_716591418452032_3225198672432062087_o 11174520_623108284497290_854713005100498019_o 10999006_623475861127199_4470658229018166122_o 11188477_10153807176793626_8987640642507619333_n 19585_10153804358043626_2050673695312768122_n 10409632_10153804357908626_8596265493996463412_n  11168051_716591508452023_9086986363167799605_o11147131_623475747793877_5282262908556454253_o 11174357_625966964211422_5469253297352015213_o 11169656_625967130878072_8348325276395264765_o 11112227_625966930878092_7512389859905600440_o 11059558_10153813573408626_924564140003600889_n 22111_10153813573728626_1302273578788876929_n 11170367_10153813553003626_699667659786683413_n 11169660_625966970878088_3279116850863529297_o  11161698_625967030878082_3619074398292364732_o 11074545_625967060878079_3773616838537672245_o 11009336_625966997544752_7681903914811995720_o 10397301_625967084211410_2588699416982560993_o 1510704_10153838078943626_2957034724513146659_n

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Pringles Taste Challenge

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Once a year we try and do a food challenge of some kind. We have done microwave popcorn, freezer pizza, bbq sauce, and many more. Usually we pick different brands and choose the one we like the taste of the best. This time we decided to do a challenge within a brand.

There are so many flavors of Pringles we decided to find which ones our family liked best. Below are our winners and losers and our commentary on why we voted the way we did. Enjoy!!

Here are the 18 flavors we tried:

Cheddar Cheese
Sour Cream & Onion
Original – FAT FREE
Original – REDUCED FAT
Tortilla – Original
Nacho Cheese Tortilla
Lightly Salted
Loaded Baked Potato
Kickin’ Chicken Taco
French Onion Dip
Salt & Vinegar
Zesty Salsa – Tortilla
Sour Cream & Onion – FAT FREE

We had a couple ties and…

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