My Novel: Handwritten Why?

Crazy8 Writing


When writing my novel during NaNoWriMo a few years ago I choose to write it all out by hand.

Why did I write it all by hand? A few reasons:

  • With 7 kids in the house I was able to take a notebook and pen with me anywhere and write

  • I write faster than I am able to type

  • I enjoy seeing the number of pages written on get thicker and thicker


YUP, you bet there are.

Mainly, now I need to try and read my writing as I type in this 70,000 word novel. I was writing quickly trying to get this novel done in 30 days and well my handwriting suffered. Now, if I can’t read it, no one can… I try to figure out within the context of the paragraph what I was trying to say.

So far I have 11,700 words typed in. It feels…

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