Winter and Spring Co-op Classes

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Homeschooling with a co-op: Winter and Spring Co-op Classes

Last year we had a wonderful co-op which focused on the senses of the body. It was very in-depth even dissecting a cows eye during our vision lessons. A few families would like to continue this kind of class in the winter and spring of the coming year. So, while I mesh out what I am going to do I will show you what we did and what my possible plans are coming up.

Each week I prepared a lesson plan of sorts and on the lesson plan were the topics and subjects for the week. They included:



The Bible lesson corresponded to out activities for the week. I use the Konos curriculum as a backbone of our studies. It is an excellent book for co-op use.

In the following samples we were studying the topic of hearing.



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Science: Woolly Bear Zombies

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Woolly Bear Zombies or

Science in a Relaxed Home School 

My kids love science, they just don’t know it.

If you were to ask them if they like science they would tell you a flat out NO. It is so funny to me because we do so many fun experiments but the kids do not consider it science.

Their latest science activity was collecting Woolly Bear caterpillars to see if they would form cocoons. My 13yo son had found a free aquarium and decided he would use it to collect creature from outside and put them in it.

1st science activity’s related to this topic?

  1. Ask a question
  2. Do background research
  3. Construct a hypothesis.

He had done the first 3 steps in the scientific method without even knowing it.

1. First he asked a question, “Can I have Woolly Bear caterpillars live and form cocoons in my terrarium?”

2. Second he…

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Missing My Grandmother

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Genealogy to me has always been a passion. If I start up with it I am sucked in for months at a time. But my greatest ally in this search for my ancestors has died, my Grandma.

I am finding it difficult to work on genealogy without her. I couldn’t even look at my genealogy notebooks for the months after her death. Just yesterday I was able to do a little research online.


His is a picture of my grandmother and grandfather from many years ago.

Today I found a copy of my grandfather’s brother’s “Notice of Intention to Marry” and there were the names of my grandmother and grandfather. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought how much my grandmother would have loved seeing a copy of this.

She loved seeing the original documents from years ago that had family members names on them. She would have…

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Art: Relaxed Homeschool Style

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Art as a separate subject always has seemed strange to me. This week we finished painting a backdrop for our church’s Christmas performance. We were not asked to do it, but volunteered for the job cuz it sounded like fun!

The idea is that the performers will be standing in a mall. This is a painting by my 17yo daughter. The snowman is a joke as he is eating in a Pizza shop.


This is one by my 15yo son. He had so much fun figuring out how to make this look 3D.


Did I force them to learn a special style of painting? Did I even tell them anything once they decided on what they were going to paint? NOPE, they just had fun. I said to them to find  picture or an idea and draw it out and then paint it. They were free to paint what they wanted…

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My favorite PLANTS: Dreaming of Spring in Vermont

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It is VERY cold here and I am trying to think of gardening plans for spring but it is very difficult. To see past that snow and ice covered garden bed into the the beautiful spring and lively little shoots that will be coming up. So, I will instead write about my favorite plants to grow here in Vermont and why I enjoy them so much.


One of my favorite plants is the Yellow Baby Bear Pear tomato. This is a great variety for here in Vermont. These come up so much faster than the regular beefsteak tomatoes and are sweet and pop in your mouth fresh. Oh man, they are so good. We start them inside around the end of January or beginning of February. Sooo, in December it’s just the thought of these that I have to dream about.


Another awesome favorite I have and that does really…

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Relaxed Spelling in Our Home

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Today our 7yo got up early and wrote a story. The story was done really well and I enjoyed it. The only “problem” was the spelling of many of the words was not correct.

She is an excellent speller and also loves to write and I did not want to squelch that joy of writing. So, I did what I have done for many years and will share that with you now.

What is the most PERFECT way I have found to do spelling?

After Princess had left the room to go get her breakfast, I remembered what I wanted to do. I went to the very next page in her writing notebook and started writing out the words that she had spelled incorrectly.

I looked through her story about the bear and the chickens and watched for words that she consistently spelled incorrectly AND words that I thought she…

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Scheduling Our Homeschool Year: Part 1

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There have been lots of questions lately about how we schedule our homeschool day. With 6 kids schooling at home now it could be rather hectic, but its not. The grades I am leading this year are: 11th, 9th, 7th, 5th, 1st, and 1 is a freshman in college.

Here is how we do it, both ways…

Most of the calmness comes from my planning for the year in the summer. I make up a plan of study for each child before school begins and then use that to set up a hanging folder with the work I will require of them each month for the year.

If you have been following this blog then you may remember the post about how I plan out my year. Here is a link to that post.

That truly helps when I am getting the papers reading to go into the hanging folders.


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Latest eBay listings: Dansko Shoes

Crazy8 eBays

This weekend I took the time to list all the Dansko shoes I have. There are 18 pairs and it only took me a short bit of time.

NEW-Dansko-Women-039-s-Gitte-Patent-Leather-Clogs-Purple-Sz-EU-36-US-5-5-6NEW Dansko Women’s Gitte Patent Leather Clogs Purple Sz EU 36 / US 5.5-6

Make a template…

One easy thing I have learned is to create a sort of template when listing similar items and then use this template as I am listing. It makes the work so go much faster.

NEW-Dansko-Women-039-s-Randa-Leather-Tangerine-Sandals-Sz-EU-41-US-11M-Reddish-BrownNEW Dansko Women’s Randa Leather Tangerine Sandals Sz EU 41 US 11M Reddish Brown

Don’t duplicate your listing title…

I make sure that the item name is different or else it is taken down by eBay due to duplicate listings.

NEW-BLACK-Dansko-Women-039-s-Maisie-Full-Grain-Leather-Sz-EU-41-US-10-5-11NEW BLACK Dansko Women’s Maisie Full Grain Leather Sz EU 41 / US 10.5-11

But, in the description there is very little variation. If you check out this listing and the…

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