Latest eBay listings: Dansko Shoes

Crazy8 eBays

This weekend I took the time to list all the Dansko shoes I have. There are 18 pairs and it only took me a short bit of time.

NEW-Dansko-Women-039-s-Gitte-Patent-Leather-Clogs-Purple-Sz-EU-36-US-5-5-6NEW Dansko Women’s Gitte Patent Leather Clogs Purple Sz EU 36 / US 5.5-6

Make a template…

One easy thing I have learned is to create a sort of template when listing similar items and then use this template as I am listing. It makes the work so go much faster.

NEW-Dansko-Women-039-s-Randa-Leather-Tangerine-Sandals-Sz-EU-41-US-11M-Reddish-BrownNEW Dansko Women’s Randa Leather Tangerine Sandals Sz EU 41 US 11M Reddish Brown

Don’t duplicate your listing title…

I make sure that the item name is different or else it is taken down by eBay due to duplicate listings.

NEW-BLACK-Dansko-Women-039-s-Maisie-Full-Grain-Leather-Sz-EU-41-US-10-5-11NEW BLACK Dansko Women’s Maisie Full Grain Leather Sz EU 41 / US 10.5-11

But, in the description there is very little variation. If you check out this listing and the…

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