Need to Sew Another Skirt

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Need to Sew Another Skirt

So, my husband texts me this funny question a couple weeks before Christmas, “If we had money, what would you want for Christmas?” After I stopped laughing about the first part of that statement I responded, “Floor mats for my car and fabric for a skirt.”

Well, guess what, I got both 🙂 He had my oldest daughter buy some denim for me for a skirt and wrapped it up. It’s perfect, just what I wanted and enough for 2 skirts, YAY!

My second favorite skirt is showing a bit of wear… Here is a picture taken from the inside of my skirt, I am a bit scared it will split if I wear it again. Since I can see through the skirt it is just time to sew again, YAY!!

This skirt is worn almost through!


My plan is to copy this pattern to make…

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