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Typical Home School Day with 6 Kids

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Typical Homeschool Day With 6 Kids

We are frequently asked “How do you do it?”

Most of the time I answer “Day by Day.” 

Each of our children is so unique and they each learn in such different ways. One day of homeschooling in detail… this is going to be tough. Our home school days vary from the “sit down” school days to the “doing things” home school days. I am guessing that most people want to know about the “sit down” home school days when they ask, so that is what I will write about today.

Our “Sit Down” School Day Schedule:

6:00 am – I am a morning person. So this is the time I am awake and start setting the school day up. I love the quiet of the morning. Even when the kids start getting up, about 6:30, they will see me working at the dining…

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Botany In A Homeschool Co-op


Botany In A Home School Co-op

Our text for the co-op will be Exploring Creation with Botany by Jeannie Fulbright. We won’t be using this text as written but will be picking and choosing activities and sections of text to read from it.

Our Co-op has many different age levels and abilities. The children who attend and actually participate are from ages 2-19. We meet for 3 hours each week.

Why not use the entire text?

We only have from January 25th through June 14th, not enough time to work through the entire book. Maybe next year we can do a more thorough study but this year we are focusing on a few topics and experiments of interest and adding in a few projects I have done in the past that I just love to do.

About 7 years ago our family worked our way through this Botany text and enjoyed it very much. Using it as the backbone to our co-op classes seemed appropriate.

Which sections did I decide to use?

In all honesty, I am using most of the chapters of the book but only certain sections within those chapters. Here is a sample of how this will work for our co-op…..

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Volunteering: Our Tithe of Time

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Volunteering: Our Tithe of Time

We as a family do A LOT of volunteering. Time is something we have lots of, money not so much, but so much time. We have been asked many times how this volunteering stuff works.

Many years ago my Mom (who at that time was a pastor of her local church) was thinking about how people tithe and how some of her congregants did not have the cash to put in the offering plate but were spending so much time volunteering that there had to be a way for that to “count”.

We started discussing the topic over the phone. If we were paid an hourly rate for the time that our family volunteers how much would that be and if that is considered donated time would that count as our tithe?

We both agreed that it must. In the grand scheme of our lives…

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Need to Sew Another Skirt

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Need to Sew Another Skirt

So, my husband texts me this funny question a couple weeks before Christmas, “If we had money, what would you want for Christmas?” After I stopped laughing about the first part of that statement I responded, “Floor mats for my car and fabric for a skirt.”

Well, guess what, I got both 🙂 He had my oldest daughter buy some denim for me for a skirt and wrapped it up. It’s perfect, just what I wanted and enough for 2 skirts, YAY!

My second favorite skirt is showing a bit of wear… Here is a picture taken from the inside of my skirt, I am a bit scared it will split if I wear it again. Since I can see through the skirt it is just time to sew again, YAY!!

This skirt is worn almost through!


My plan is to copy this pattern to make…

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Winter and Spring Co-op Classes

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Homeschooling with a co-op: Winter and Spring Co-op Classes

Last year we had a wonderful co-op which focused on the senses of the body. It was very in-depth even dissecting a cows eye during our vision lessons. A few families would like to continue this kind of class in the winter and spring of the coming year. So, while I mesh out what I am going to do I will show you what we did and what my possible plans are coming up.

Each week I prepared a lesson plan of sorts and on the lesson plan were the topics and subjects for the week. They included:



The Bible lesson corresponded to out activities for the week. I use the Konos curriculum as a backbone of our studies. It is an excellent book for co-op use.

In the following samples we were studying the topic of hearing.



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