Relaxed Spelling in Our Home

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Today our 7yo got up early and wrote a story. The story was done really well and I enjoyed it. The only “problem” was the spelling of many of the words was not correct.

She is an excellent speller and also loves to write and I did not want to squelch that joy of writing. So, I did what I have done for many years and will share that with you now.

What is the most PERFECT way I have found to do spelling?

After Princess had left the room to go get her breakfast, I remembered what I wanted to do. I went to the very next page in her writing notebook and started writing out the words that she had spelled incorrectly.

I looked through her story about the bear and the chickens and watched for words that she consistently spelled incorrectly AND words that I thought she…

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Scheduling Our Homeschool Year: Part 1

Crazy 8 Homeschool


There have been lots of questions lately about how we schedule our homeschool day. With 6 kids schooling at home now it could be rather hectic, but its not. The grades I am leading this year are: 11th, 9th, 7th, 5th, 1st, and 1 is a freshman in college.

Here is how we do it, both ways…

Most of the calmness comes from my planning for the year in the summer. I make up a plan of study for each child before school begins and then use that to set up a hanging folder with the work I will require of them each month for the year.

If you have been following this blog then you may remember the post about how I plan out my year. Here is a link to that post.

That truly helps when I am getting the papers reading to go into the hanging folders.


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Latest eBay listings: Dansko Shoes

Crazy8 eBays

This weekend I took the time to list all the Dansko shoes I have. There are 18 pairs and it only took me a short bit of time.

NEW-Dansko-Women-039-s-Gitte-Patent-Leather-Clogs-Purple-Sz-EU-36-US-5-5-6NEW Dansko Women’s Gitte Patent Leather Clogs Purple Sz EU 36 / US 5.5-6

Make a template…

One easy thing I have learned is to create a sort of template when listing similar items and then use this template as I am listing. It makes the work so go much faster.

NEW-Dansko-Women-039-s-Randa-Leather-Tangerine-Sandals-Sz-EU-41-US-11M-Reddish-BrownNEW Dansko Women’s Randa Leather Tangerine Sandals Sz EU 41 US 11M Reddish Brown

Don’t duplicate your listing title…

I make sure that the item name is different or else it is taken down by eBay due to duplicate listings.

NEW-BLACK-Dansko-Women-039-s-Maisie-Full-Grain-Leather-Sz-EU-41-US-10-5-11NEW BLACK Dansko Women’s Maisie Full Grain Leather Sz EU 41 / US 10.5-11

But, in the description there is very little variation. If you check out this listing and the…

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My Novel: Handwritten Why?

Crazy8 Writing


When writing my novel during NaNoWriMo a few years ago I choose to write it all out by hand.

Why did I write it all by hand? A few reasons:

  • With 7 kids in the house I was able to take a notebook and pen with me anywhere and write

  • I write faster than I am able to type

  • I enjoy seeing the number of pages written on get thicker and thicker


YUP, you bet there are.

Mainly, now I need to try and read my writing as I type in this 70,000 word novel. I was writing quickly trying to get this novel done in 30 days and well my handwriting suffered. Now, if I can’t read it, no one can… I try to figure out within the context of the paragraph what I was trying to say.

So far I have 11,700 words typed in. It feels…

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Homeschool Portfolios: Planning 3

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In my last post I wrote about how I go about picking the topics I use to plan my portfolio at the beginning of the year so it is ready for the end of the year.

There is one more BIG piece of how I do it that I thought I would share with you. 

After I have my schedule of what needs to be done each month (the first post on this series) and I have the topics I will be studying (the second post in this series) I move onto the this part of the process which I will call my organization of all those papers 🙂

My Organization of All Those Papers

What papers? You ask. Well, if you have been following along with this series of posts you now have a plan of what needs to be done and what topics you…

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Homeschool Portfolios: Planning 2

Crazy 8 Homeschool


In my last post I mentioned I would show you how I plan at the beginning of the year for a portfolio at the end of the year that showed educational success and improvement from the previous year. Here is what I do. This is a follow-up to this post: Homeschool Portfolio: Planning 1

Decide What Topics You Will Teach In Each Subject Area

This step takes a quite a bit of work. Not really.

For our state I am going to be sending in samples for 8 subject areas. Sounds daunting but wait till it’s broken down.

Three of those subject areas only require 1 sample each. It’s not to hard to plan 1 topic for those 3 subject areas: Physical Education, Health, and Fine Arts.

Down to 5 areas..

One subject area “Literature” only requires a list of 10 books the child has read or have been read…

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Homeschooling Portfolios: Planning 1

Crazy 8 Homeschool


In our state we have the option of sending in a portfolio for our end of the year assessment of what we have done for the year homeschooling.

Over the past 25 years I have kind of figured out what they really want to see. Here is how I plan my year around the end game of sending in a portfolio.

#1 Figure Out What Your State Requires for Samples

In our state I have found that they require:

  • 4 to 6 samples for each of these subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, and History (also one of these history samples need to be state specific)
  • 1 sample for each of these subjects: Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Health
  • Finally they like a list of 10 books read for Literature
  • In the accumulation of this small bit of samples the state also likes to see 4 samples of written work of…

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Gruesome Hymns (jk)

Crazy8 Inspiration

Man, today in church we sang the most gruesome hymn. If someone had been in church for the first time and heard us sing that, pretty sure they would have thought it was some strange group of killers.This quote below is from the hymn we sang today and is titled “There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood” byWilliam Cowper.

“There is a fountain filled with blooddrawn from Emmanuel’s veins; and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains…”1

Seriously, what does a little kid think hearing his parents singing this in church? It does require some explanation. What about a stranger coming into the church for the first time? It’s disgusting and revolting to think about plunging myself into a flood of blood. This song kind of made me feel ill at the thought of these lyrics.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian…

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